Ghosts and ghoulies party hard in The Count of Monster Disco

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Ever since the Trains Vs Zombies DLC for Train Simulator taught people that the undead poses little threat to 20 tons of rolling stock, we’ve been looking forward to another ghoulish title that sets a locomotive against Halloween monsters. Trains Vs Sparkly Vampires, perhaps? The Count of Monster Disco dials back on the violence, and offers a more cartoony adventure. As the driver of the spooky steam engine “The Spirit of Halloween”, players will be tasked with delivering treats around Trainsylvania to help The Count throw a massive party.

You are the monstrous driver of a ghoulish steam train,
But will getting the supplies be a complete pain?
Capture the cobwebs and gather the snacks,

But beware…

The sight of the guests will make your bones CLICKETY-CLACK!

The Count of Monster Disco is available on Steam.