Comp stomp and electric floors coming to Titanfall

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One of the criticisms some players had for Titanfall at launch was that outside of the standard Attrition game type, there wasn’t much variety to the modes. Here comes another drop pod full of dumb-as-a-stump A.I. grunts! Farm away! While that was true to a certain extent (the PC version’s capture-the-flag mode was so empty of players that it was in danger of outright removal at one point), the support Respawn has shown to adding new gameplay modes has been commendable. With Update 8, they’re adding a long-requested feature: cooperative horde mode! Frontier Defense will allow four players to team up against waves of enemies including new units like Suicide Spectres, Cloak Drones, Mortar Titans, and punch-proof Arc Titans.

Update 8 will also features Deadly Ground, a mode to put your parkour skills to the test. Remember when you were a little kid and you imagined the floor in your living room was flooded with lava? Same here, except replace “lava” with “electric smoke”. Get Jumping!