DriveClub’s server issues are a significant bump in the road

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If you haven’t been playing the PlayStation 4 exclusive DriveClub, you’ve been missing out on some quality launch issues. Evolution Studios’ slick racer is probably best known so far for its confusing pricing scheme and server troubles. The servers just aren’t up to handling the traffic of actual players. It’s been bad enough that some in-game features have been disabled, the free PlayStation Plus version of the game has been put on hold, and players are limited to a frustrating one-in-one-out policy while Evolution tries to sort out the mess behind the scenes. Paul Rustchynsky, the game director of DriveClub, has been busy on Twitter trying to explain the situation to disgruntled fans.

“We ran a beta test and none of these issues occurred, we had confidence everything was ready. These issues were unexpected.”

Rustchynsky acknowledged that the server issues have been severe enough that the studio is considering compensation for players affected by the service interruptions.