Cities: Skylines aims to have all the zones and none of the fumbles of SimCity

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The Cities in Motion series has always been something of an underdog compared to the SimCity or Transport Tycoon franchises. It never had the brand recognition, the simulation aspects were always a bit hobbled by trying too much, and graphics presented a bland, generic cityscape. Paradox Interactive is looking to change that perception and capitalize on SimCity’s stumble by publishing Cities: Skylines which will incorporate much more than just creating efficient transportation systems. Skylines will offer much of the city-building stuff SimCity did (down to the chic tilt-shift presentation) but it won’t depend on connecting to a spotty server to play. Plus, these cities can be freaking huge!

“If the roads are the bones of the city, then the zones are the meat around the bones”.

The latest dev diary, is all about the wonderful world of zoning. Residential neighborhoods, business areas, and commercial districts. It all sounds a bit familiar, doesn’t it? Here’s to hoping that Cities: Skylines can do what SimCity failed to do.