Walk like an Egyptian with Skullgirls’ new fighter

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Skullgirls Encore has gained a new character. Lab Zero Games has released Eliza, a fighter based on Egyptian mythological themes combined with the jazzy Skullgirls’ style. Eliza is the third DLC character released since Lab Zero successfully raised funds in early 2013 through Indiegogo to add five new characters to the game’s roster. She comes with a story mode as well as her “Bath of Tefnut” stage in which to fight. Lab Zero’s CEO Peter Bartholow has described Eliza as the game’s most “varied and dynamic” character due to her ability to summon bodyguards and dislodge her skeletal parasite to fight on her behalf.

“Eliza’s story mode is our most comprehensive yet. With more than 80 pieces of art, it dives deep into Skullgirls’ lore and reveals a lot of the inner workings of the Skullgirls universe. Definitely not to be missed!”

Eliza is free for Skullgirls owners as long as they grab her within the next three months. She is available on Steam for PC and the PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3. The Xbox 360 version of Eliza is forthcoming.