Frag and juke like it’s 2007 in Toxikk

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No level grind. No iron sights. No weapon unlocks. No classes. No hat collecting. Toxikk by Reakktor Studios is an old-school arena shooter that hearkens back to a simpler time of rocket-jumping and map control. The newly released gameplay trailer shown above features all the dodging and circle-strafing action that hardcore tournament fans love to see. The game will launch with classic maps for team deathmatch, free-for-all, and one-vs-one modes. It will also have “massive” maps for vehicle use. Unlike the upcoming Unreal Tournament by Epic, Toxikk won’t be free-to-play. Reakktor is going with an early access model to fund development.

Has the sun set on arena shooters? They certainly don’t get the kinds of player numbers that Call of Duty style games get, but the recent release of Quake Live on Steam shows there is an audience that appreciates the high skill levels arena that shooters demand.