This is how a war photographer views The Last of Us

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TIME’s conflict photographer, Ashley Gilbertson, used The Last of Us Remastered’s photo mode to capture still images from the game. The resulting experiment is interesting because it allows us to see how a person surrounded by real-life violence handles the situations in a world terrorized by zombie fungus.

I initially played the game at home. But after a short time playing it, I noticed I was having very strong reactions in regards to my role as the protagonist: I hated it. When I covered real war, I did so with a camera, not a gun. At home, I’d play for 30 minutes before noticing I had knots in my stomach, that my vision blurred, and then eventually, that I had simply crashed out. I felt like this could well be my last assignment for TIME.

Gilbertson was awarded the prestigious Robert Capa Gold Medal in 2005, and the ASME National Magazine Award in 2011.