Defeat cancer with the help of “Will Pharrell”

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Will Ferrell, star of the Anchorman movies, 2005’s Bewitched, and former cast member of Saturday Night Live, wants to play games to raise money for charity. In the video, Ferrell, speaking as “Will Pharrell” brags about his gamer credentials and claims to have played Asteroids for more than 30 hours without even taking a bathroom break. Beyond the typical gamer cliches of having pizza boxes and Chinese food takeout containers strewn about, the video is for a good cause. The link to leads to a real Indiegogo site. Ferrell wants to raise $375,000.00 for cancer charities. One lucky person will be picked to play with Ferrell in San Francisco during a Twitch stream. The minimum $10 pledge gives each donor an entry, and various pledge tiers give physical rewards and varying amounts of entries in the drawing.

I’ll admit – I’m recently educated about the close ties between video games and charity/cancer. I’m awestruck by it all, and you inspired me. So that’s one of the reasons why I’m hosting this challenge….I want more people need to know how video games can help and how benevolent the gaming community is.

The campaign ends on October 12th, and the live event will be streamed on October 26th on Twitch.