We’re going back to Korea in Wargame: Red Dragon

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Eugen Systems has released a free DLC for Wargme: Red Dragon that adds twelve new units and an additional single player campaign. The Second Korean War update brings the real-time strategy game up to 1992 and plunges the world into war on the Korean peninsula as the Soviet and NATO forces square off. Hooray for alternate timeline saber-rattling!

In the all-new campaign, a coup against Mikhail Gorbachev succeeded in 1991, a year prior to the events of the narrative. The former guard succeeds Gorbachev, and restores Soviet order, bringing them closer to the communist leaders in Asia, as leaders in the West grow ever-distant from the Soviet super-power. After a year of friction, the entire Korean peninsula is at war as the Soviets and UN coalitions take their increasingly distancing ideologies onto the battlefield.

New units include the venerable Patriot missile system for the United States, the elite Spetsnaz GRU for the Soviets, and the South Korean K-9 Thunder. The full list of changes can be found here.