Grab your popcorn and watch some movies from

, | News now has a movie library. The famously DRM-free digital game store has just launched a movie section that offers movies about video games and internet culture. Like their games, is offering these movies without any digital copyright protection software. Buy them. Keep them in your account and your hard drive for as long as you want, or stream them right from the site. According to, the selection at launch is limited because studios needed to see the business model in action.

“We love your ideas, but…we do not want to be the first ones. We will gladly follow, but until somebody else does it first, we do not want to take the risk.” is offering two movies, The Art of Playing and TBP AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard for free, but other movies are $5.99. would eventually like to carry TV shows as well as movies.