Playing FIFA Ultimate Team with bots is a sure way to get EA Sports’ attention

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Electronic Arts is taking steps to halt cheating and selling of in-game currency in FIFA. With FIFA 15 coming on September 23rd, EA Sports took a moment to remind players that cheating and violations of the terms of service in the FIFA Ultimate Team portion of the game will not be tolerated. Most of EA’s attention is focused on the people that use bots to farm for in-game coins to sell on outside websites. In fact, the FUT Web App was deactivated on May 9th due to the volume of bot farming.

Our data shows that these bots generate four times as many Transfer Market searches than all human FUT players combined.

Since February, the publisher has banned hundreds of thousands of FIFA 14 accounts for cheating, and they will step up their policing when FIFA 15 launches. Violators may find themselves on the receiving end of a FIFA online ban, with coin-sellers going straight to a “red card” and getting an account-wide online ban for all EA games.