Idle hands are the devil’s toys in Wolfenstein: The New Order

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One of the constant reminders that you’re playing a modernized interpretation of a classic shooter in Wolfenstein: The New Order is the need to manually pick up ammunition with a button press. What the heck, Blazkowicz? Why wouldn’t you want to pick up every available bit of ammo? The gameplay after each battle was dominated by meticulously Hoovering up every clip left by the Nazis that you could carry. Yes, I want those bullets! Thank you very much. MachineGames executive producer Jerk Gustafsson revealed to Gamasutra that the developer came to that mechanic through their internal testing of the loot and dual-wield weapon system. In short, they didn’t want to confuse players with automatic pickups of dual-wielded weapons. They wanted players to retain control over whether or not to dual-wield, and because the ammo was tied to the weapon spawns, the only way to easily accomplish this was to require manual pick up.

“With all this said, I must admit I personally find it appealing that players actually have to perform an action to pick something up just like in real life.”

The key to defeating alternate-timeline Nazis is dual-wielding laser machineguns. That’s just science.