Sony highlights how you can dance with the PlayStation 4

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In the mood for some fancy footwork? Sony made some announcements at Gamescom that involve a fair amount of body grooving. DayZ, the infamous open-world survival-horror game that’s as much about zombies as it is dancing with no pants on, is coming to PlayStation 4. If dancing with swords is more your thing, Ninja Theory revealed Hellblade, a Heavenly Sword meets Celtic myth mash-up. Still dancing? Check out Until Dawn, a horror title that was originally made for the Move controller. (Remember those things?) It’s now been retooled for the DualShock 4. Waggle away! Hollowpoint is a four-person co-op hybrid 2D/3D shooter that requires fancy moves on the sticks to stay alive. Fans of Tearaway on the PS Vita will be jazzed to hear that Tearaway Unfolded is coming to the console cousin. Finally, Sony pointed out that console warriors have a reason to do a jig as they confirmed that they’ve sold ten million PlayStation 4 consoles to consumers worldwide. Now that’s got a beat and you can dance to it!