Unlock your inner Dolph with Expendabros

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Broforce, the blow-everything-up indie platformer on Steam early access, has always felt like a video game version of The Expendables movies. Lots of 80’s action characters destroying hundreds of enemies in over-the-top scenarios held together by the bare elements of story? Check! It’s certainly better than the official movie tie-in game released in 2012. The two worlds have come together at last with The Expendabros, a free game promoting the release of The Expendables 3.

Of course Broforce began a little while after Expendables 1, and obviously was pretty heavily influenced by the movie. Coming full circle and making a game for them was pretty surreal, and really exciting.

Contrary to how these marketing synergies normally work, Developer Free Lives says they didn’t get any money from Lionsgate to make The Expendabros. The game was created as a fun way to test out some ideas like storytelling cutscenes, mini-game events, and new enemies that may eventually make their way into Broforce. If any fans of The Expendables play Expendabros and decide to buy Broforce, Free Lives probably wouldn’t mind.