Frozen Endzone becomes Frozen Cortex

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Mode Seven’s tactical cyber-sports game has a new name. Instead of Frozen Endzone, it shall henceforth be known as Forzen Cortex. Along with the title change, Mode Seven has updated the look of the game’s user interface and some in-game assets. You can watch a video here, showing some of the new stuff. Why the changes? According to what the developers told Rock Paper Shotgun, they wanted to get out in front of a misconception that some prospective players had.

We wanted to address the fact that some people think the game is an American Football simulation when it’s a turn-based strategy game with entirely different rules from football that are much easier to understand. The word “endzone” probably wasn’t helping, so we thought we’d take care of that and get rid of a massively silly name at the same time.

Mode Seven expects to add the beta of the single player campaign in September. Frozen Cortex is available on Steam early access.