Kerbal Space Program finally becomes a game

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Kerbal Space Program, the quirky but cunningly disarming rocketry sim, has gained a substantial upgrade to its career mode. The First Contract update adds consequences for failure besides spectacular high-altitude explosions. Players can take contracts from various in-game sources that will give them tasks like conducting tests of new technologies, rescuing stranded Kerbals, and getting to target locations via cobbled-together spacecraft. Success will net more funding, while failure can impact your reputation, making future contracts less lucrative. Squad’s Felipe Falanghe explained the progression.

“First Contract is a massive step forward for Career Mode. Finally, we’re starting to paint a clear picture of our original vision for the complete thing. Although there is still a lot to add on future updates, the new Career features should help new players pick up the game in a much more structured manner.”

Kerbal Space Program is available via the official site, as well as through Steam’s early access.