Magical king of the hill is coming to Age of Wonders 3

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One of the issues with Age of Wonders 3 was the lack of variation in the endgame. You build up armies, gather magical fuel, then slog your way through battle after battle until the last enemy city falls. It’s a failure that many strategy games are guilty of, but it seems all the worse in Triumph’s Age of Wonders 3 because everything else is so damn good. I nurtured pixies and ice giants, researched spells that cause earthquakes and fire to rain from the sky, and this is it? I get another city to manage? Sheesh! I should’ve stayed in my first city.

The developers have taken some of that criticism and are hoping that the addition of a new victory condition will help add variety. Seals of Power, magical landmarks that can appear on maps, will act as control points for players to fight over. Owning a seal by defeating the guardian and placing a unit on it, grants charges to the owner. Once enough charges are accumulated, it’s game over. This will give wizards something else to fight over, but as Triumph explains, seal owners can’t get too complacent even if rival wizards aren’t nearby.

The Seals of Power, even after being conquered and owned, are still dangerous however! Periodically a Seal will spawn a new army of elemental guardians to attack the player occupying it. So players will need to keep strong armies on the Seals in order to keep control over them.

Along with the Seals of Power, Triumph plans to release new elemental units, and a new Overview screen to track player progress towards victory. No release date has been set for the additions.