Oculus accuses ZeniMax of trying to cash in on the Facebook acquisition

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Oculus has formerly responded to the lawsuit ZeniMax media filed against the Facebook-owned VR company last month. In the response, Oculus contends that the accusations ZeniMax leveled at them regarding John Carmack’s theft of technology and sharing of proprietary code during his tenure is without merit. According to the original ZeniMax lawsuit, Oculus co-founder and inventor Luckey Palmer appropriated ZeniMax code and work from John Carmack while he was consulting on the VR Rift device. The lawyers from Oculus say that ZeniMax neglected to finalize a non-disclosure agreement that was given to Palmer to sign, and that they have evidence that shows they did not use ZeniMax technology while developing the Rift headset.

“By its conduct, express statements, and silence, ZeniMax understood that the Oculus Rift and the technology powering it belonged solely to Oculus VR and that Oculus VR had not infringed any of ZeniMax’s intellectual property rights or otherwise misappropriated any proprietary information of ZeniMax.”

The response goes on to accuse ZeniMax of trying to take advantage of the new Oculus owner Facebook, and their deep pockets. Now that the initial suit and formal response have been filed, the real battling can begin! Choose your side and fight!