Arma III welcomes new recruits to bootcamp

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Bohemia Interactive has released details of the upcoming Bootcamp Update for Arma III. The update adds training scenarios to help new players learn to play the game. Instead of just relying on the typical linear shooter tutorial in which a drill sergeant yells at the player to run through obstacles and shoot at targets on a range, Bohemia is crafting a suite of scenarios encompassing the full range of gameplay that Arma III offers. Included in the update is a set of virtual reality simulations with Tron-inspired assets that can be used with the in-game editor to create new scenarios.

“Because we know that different kinds of players like to learn in different ways, we’ve approached Bootcamp’s content with a fairly open mind. The result is a fairly diverse set of content and features. What binds these modes together is a sense of achievement: we want players to know that – although it may be different from other games – Arma is far from impenetrable.”

The update will also come with adjustments to weapon sway and fatigue, as well as Steam Workshop support for addons, like new vehicles and terrain.