Crackdown for the Xbox One revealed. Gamers squeal uncontrollably.

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Microsoft’s E3 press conference was today. If you watched for red meat from gaming’s biggest budget productions, they had you covered. There was another tease for Halo 5, and a reveal of the Halo: Master Chief Collection that bundles up all the previous numbered Halo games into one Xbox One package. Shooter fans got some Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare campaign gameplay. Rise of the Tomb Raider apparently features Lara discussing her feelings with a therapist. Assassin’s Creed Unity had some killing during the French Revolution. A painfully staged demo of Tom Clancy’s The Division showcased some profanity-free multiplayer. A couple of reps from CD Projekt Red brought some footage from The Witcher 3. Crackdown is coming for Xbox One. Fable Legends is going to give us asymmetrical multiplayer. Evolve will give gamers co-op monster hunting.

Wait. Was that Crackdown? Crackdown for the Xbox One? “Skills for kills” Crackdown? That Crackdown? I’ll be in my bunk.