Bloodborne might have corpse dogs, but Entwined has interspecies love

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It’s tough going last on E3 kickoff day. By the time your presentation starts everyone else has already had their briefings, so your left with a lot of covered ground. Sony gave it their best and showed some exclusives like The Order: 1886, inFamous: First Light, and Little Big Planet 3, but the most striking showing of the Sony briefing was probably a gore-filled trailer for Bloodborne, From Software’s PlayStation 4 action RPG. Early speculation about this title erupted last month when rumors began spreading that Hidetaka Miyazaki, Dark Souls original creator, was working on something named “Project Beast” which has turned out to be this game. Fans of the merciless difficulty in Dark Souls hope that Miyazaki has brought some of that sadism to Bloodborne’s gaslight setting.

Sick of blood and guts and Victorian monster-hunting? Try Entwined. A game about a bird in love with a fish.