Payday 2 introduces The Dentist with an ad longer than most in-game missions

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Overkill Software brings us back to live-action video game commercial theater with this short film for The Dentist. Giancarlo Esposito, known most recently for his roles in Once Upon a Time and Breaking Bad, plays the mysterious new character in the world of Payday 2 who will act as a contact for the players. According to publisher Starbreeze, The Big Bank Heist DLC will be available on June 17th for the PC version of Payday 2 and will not only add new crime capers, but the ability to pre-plan heists.

For our veteran players, the heist will feel extra special because it has everything that we love about the original game: a huge setting, an intense heist plan and plenty of replayability.

The dialogue and text at the end of the video would seem to imply that later DLC will involve breaking an old friend out of jail and knocking over a Vegas Casino. The Big Bank Heist DLC will be $6.99 on Steam.