Dota 2 fans buy enough virtual books to purchase cyborg Lee Majors

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The prize pool money for Valve’s Dota 2 2014 The International championship tournament is supplied by purchases of The Compendium, a virtual encyclopedia and dynamic record of the competition events that also supplies some in-game Dota 2 rewards for owners as well as general upgrades to the game for everyone to enjoy. Each Compendium purchased contributes $2.50 to the prize pool. Unlocked rewards include in-game boosts, new music, and a new random deathmatch game mode. The final $6 million goal will unlock a special cosmetic building option for owners of The Compendium. The Dota 2 prize pool is already over $5.8 million from just ten days of being on sale, so it’s likely the final goal will be reached in a matter of hours.

The International Dota 2 tournament will be held on July 18th to the 21st in Seattle. General admission to the event started at $99 and sold out in less than an hour. Last year’s prize pool was $2.8 million.