You’ll soon be able to fly with friends in Killzone Shadow Fall

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Killzone Shadow Fall is getting an online wave-based cooperative arena mode. The Intercept expansion, coming in June, takes four locations from the single player campaign and pits four-person squads of players against Helghast military attacks while defending a site.

To successfully fend off the enemy and transmit the intel back to HQ, teamwork is absolutely essential. Your Team Score indicates how close you are to establishing a Hacking Uplink; increase it by defending your Uplinks from Helghast capture attempts, or by “banking” the Personal Score you’ve accumulated from kills, ability uses, and recaptures. You can even earn bonuses such as artillery strikes and jetpacks!

Wait, jetpacks? Yup. Jetpacks.

The Intercept co-op expansion will be included as part of the Shadow Fall season pass. In the meanwhile, players can download the free Canyon multiplayer map, which was released yesterday.