Live for the high life in Grand Theft Auto Online

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Rockstar Games has updated Grand Theft Auto V’s online mode with the High Life patch. The update adds more clothing, cars, a bullpup rifle, the ability for players to own two properties at the same time, and a new “Mental State” stat that tracks how much of a troublemaker you are during the free roam portion of the online game and tells everyone else about it. Think of it as a jerk indicator.

If you seem to enjoy attacking pedestrians and terrorizing other players, then your blip will start to turn red on other players’ maps. The redder the blip, the more psychotic the player; the whiter the blip, the friendlier they are.

The actions you take will have varying effects on your Mental State. For example, killing another player will turn your blip red faster than blowing up a car or taking out a random pedestrian. Killing a player with a white blip will push your Mental State into the red faster than killing more psycho players, while taking out full-on psycho players won’t cause your own Mental State stat to increase at all.

Mental state also factors into matchmaking – you’ll automatically join Freemode sessions containing people more ‘compatible’ with your play style, and if a red-blipped lunatic does enter your session, you at least have fair warning!

Full patch notes are available here.