Soldier of Fortune inspired Killing Floor 2

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Killing Floor 2 has been announced. PC Gamer has the scoop straight from Tripwire Interactive. The sequel to the co-op zombie shooter is being designed with a sort of “holy trinity” for undead-killing. Bullets, blades, and blood.

“When we started designing the game we decided gore was going to be the most important feature,” says David Hensley, art director on Killing Floor 2. “We were really inspired by Soldier of Fortune, the GHOUL system. We wanted to outdo Soldier of Fortune’s gore.”

Killing Floor came out in 2009 exactly like the undead horde it featured. It was dirty, a little clunky, jerky, and violent. Unlike Left 4 Dead’s slick presentation of the zombie apocalypse, Killing Floor was obviously a mod that had gone retail, and that origin turned out to be one of its greatest assets. You can feel the enthusiasm in the frantic gameplay and the levels designed by late-night caffeine. Hopefully, the sequel retains the magic of the original while improving the visuals.