Harmonix wants to drop beats with a new Amplitude

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Harmonix has turned to Kickstarter to create a new version of Amplitude, their 2003 PlayStation 2 game. The new Amplitude will feature hi-def graphics, updated soundtrack, and fine-tuned controls supplied through Harmonix’s proprietary engine. The developers plan to use the ten years of experience they gained since the original Amplitude to create a fully modern version for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles.

The game, as designed for this Kickstarter, focuses on the core Amplitude experience. Single player and local multiplayer are included in the design, as are leaderboards for online bragging rights. The Beat Blaster (the ship), music notes, tracks and FX will all be modernized and gorgeous. The cyberworld around the tracks will be designed by artists and crafted by coders so that every pixel on screen can be driven by the underlying music. Even as we work through our plans for this Kickstarter, the game is beginning to take shape – an HD reinvisioning of the cult classic, smartly updated for today on every axis. We believe this is the game that fans of Amplitude have been asking for and a game that can only come from Harmonix.

The Kickstarter drive ends on May 23rd with the final goal set at $775,000. Pledge at the $10,000 level and you can have a jam session with Harmonix.