Defiance is going free-to-play

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Defiance, the MMO from Trion Worlds that was developed as part of a cross-media effort with the television show of the same name, is going free-to-play. According to the official notice, the pricing changeover to a transaction-supported model will happen on June 4th for the PC, and July 15th for the PlayStation 3. (Trion says they are working with Microsoft on the Xbox 360 version, but no date has been set.) Although Defiance never had a required subscription plan, the game did have a buy-and-play model which required players to purchase the client software. Original players will get free bonuses to their account, while new players after the June switch will need to purchase optional additions to enjoy the same bonuses. There is a handy FAQ detailing the different access levels.

In related news, the second season of the Defiance TV show starts June 19th on the Syfy channel.