Watch Dogs has cyborg zombies to get players tripping

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Ubisoft has detailed the probable contents of the Watch Dogs Season Pass. For $19.99, players will get a new single-player campaign featuring hacker T-Bone Grady, three optional missions for regular protagonist Aiden Pearce, a cyborg zombie horde mode, and some in-game accessories like additional weapons and clothing. The zombie mode gameplay will be integrated into the story as part of Watch Dogs’ “Digital Trips” that alters reality for Aiden Pearce.

But why are the Digital Trips part of the game? Are they perhaps Watch Dogs’ in-game Blood Dragon? Not at all. Every digital trip is subtly related to the core game, not just mechanically but narratively as well. Each says something about Aiden’s emotional state or relationship with the world around him.

Watch Dogs launches on May 27th for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.