Strike up the Big Band in Skullgirls Encore

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Big Band, the first male fighter in Skullgirls Encore is now available as DLC. Big Band is the second of five characters funded through developer Lab Zero’s crowd-sourcing efforts in 2013. Per Lab Zero’s commitment to fans during the funding drive, Big Band is free for a limited time to current owners of Skullgirls Encore.

Once a cop known as Ben Birdland, he fell flat when he got on the wrong side of New Meridian’s corrupt police force. Birdland was broken and bent out of shape by his former colleagues, but was tuned up by Dr. Avian and ASG Lab 8. Now he is armed with a full ensemble of pneumatic weaponry, making him the full fortissimo instrument of justice: “Big Band.”

Big Band is available on Steam for the PC version of Skullgirls. He will be available on the PlayStation Network pending a compatibility update.