Help Richard Garriott port a game from 1977

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Richard Garriott, creator of the Ultima games, has announced a contest to port one of his earliest creations for use within his upcoming Shroud of the Avatar. Garriott’s D&D #1 was originally written for use on his high school teletype machine in 1977. The game, written in BASIC, was copied onto spools of paper that had to be fed into the system. That code would result in a primitive ascii printout for the player to visualize the exploration of simple dungeons.

Richard wrote 28 of these “D&D” games in high school. He numbered them D&D #1 through D&D 28. When he finally had that Apple II, he rewrote D&D #28 to become D&D 28…also known as AKALABETH the precursor of all things Ultima!

No one has seen this game run since the retirement of the teletype in 1979, which is when Richard made the final printout of the game.

The best version of “D&D1 Resurrection” that runs in Unity and the best in-browser version will win pledge rewards for Shroud of the Avatar worth $550, while the runners up will receive pledge rewards worth $165 each.