Don’t Starve and FTL get more ways to die with expansion content

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Indie survival games Don’t Starve and FTL get more stuff added to their gameplay today thanks to expansions. Don’t Starve’s Reign of Giants has been released on Steam early access, and FTL has been updated with the free Advance Edition content. More enemies! More junk to collect! More slow starvation and explosive decompression!

Reign of Giants by Klei Entertainment unsurprisingly adds giants to Don’t Starve to fight and conquer. The expansion also features Spring and Summer seasons to go with the base game’s Winter period, and a new save slot to clutter up with your doomed character. New NPC creatures and player character types come with the expansion as well. The Reign of Giants beta is available now on Steam.

The Advanced Edition update is a free expansion for FTL. Subset Games added a new playable race, a clone bay that reproduces dead crew, hacking drones, and an even harder difficulty level for masochists to enjoy. “Guest writer” Chris Avellone contributed new storylines to the update so players can get their death in space presented with flair. FTL: Advanced Edition is also available now as a complete game for Apple devices for $10.