Open-world hunting and crib customization coming in Shelter 2

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Might and Delight have announced a sequel to Shelter, their motherly badger sim. In Shelter 2, players take on the role of a mother lynx, raising her young, hunting prey, and avoiding larger predators. The developers say Shelter 2 will include more advanced gameplay through such features as keeping track of stamina, interactions with cubs, and a variety of smaller animals to hunt. Being somewhat more in the middle of the food chain than a badger, the player’s new role as a lynx will include ranging out from a central location to provide for the family.

Players of Shelter 2 set out to explore huge open territories from a safe haven – the den. A central place in the world where the lynx can always return to, either to gather strength, or to place bone trophies and other pickups such as rare plants and leafs.

Shelter 2 is scheduled to launch this Fall. Check out the teaser video here.