Remember, there is a Shadowrun Online coming

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Shadowrun! Orcs and elves mixed with cyberjacking and street samurai! With all the focus on Shadowrun Returns by Harebrained Schemes and its recently released expansion Dragonfall, it’s easy to forget that there is another Shadowrun game that began as a Kickstarter. Shadowrun Online by Cliffhanger Productions is ready to release on Steam early access next week. The early access version of the game will include a “prequel” campaign, a PvP map, and a couple of basic characters and skills to start. Cliffhanger co-founder Jim Wagner explained the release strategy.

“We don’t want to pile on features unless we have nailed the core gameplay elements, so we created this small and polished section for our players to enjoy.”

Cliffhanger hopes to push out monthly updates until the full release of the game which will include PC, Mac, and mobile versions.