Electronic Arts is no longer ‘the worst company in America’

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Good news, Peter Moore! You don’t have to spend sleepless night worrying about your company’s standing in Consumerist’s annual Worst Company in America bracket. Electronic Arts lost in the first round of voting to the infamous consumer service and business practices of Time Warner Cable. Congratulations EA! You are not the worst this year! I’m not even sure that the wins in the 2012 and 2013 brackets can be called a “streak” so you’ve got that going for you as well.

More importantly, detractors of EA can no longer rely on the Worst Company in America crown to fall back on as a lazy argument. EA didn’t even make it past the first round! Comcast, Verizon, Monsanto, Walmart, Ticketmaster, Chase, American Airlines, and McDonald’s are all much worse. Good luck coming up with an argument that makes any company seem worse than McDonald’s. Have you tried the BBQ ranch burger? Yuck. That thing is a crime against humanity.

In other news, the PC version of the Naval Strike DLC for Battlefield 4 has been indefinitely delayed due to technical issues. Keep it up EA. There’s always next year’s vote.