Titanfall launch lacks schadenfreude

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Last night’s release of Titanfall went smoothly and lacked any serious problems for the majority of players. Unfortunately for gamers standing at the ready with prepared rants against publisher EA and developer Respawn, the server infrastructure held steady and proved themselves up to the task of handling the simultaneous launch of the AAA multiplayer title on PC and Xbox One. There were moments that gave naysayers hope for a meltdown, such as the initial 15-20 minutes of release that resulted in users experiencing a loop between the “connection” and “initializing” screens, but that quickly sorted itself out. Respawn noted that some users were experiencing delays getting into lobbies, but they pushed a small patch out to fix that. Dispirited internet crusaders had to console themselves by playing the largely trouble-free shooter throughout the night.

Activists can pin their hopes on the March 25th launch of the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall being a complete disaster, or they can move on to the September 9th launch of Destiny which would allow them to strike a blow against Bungie and Activision.