Kerbal Space Program partners with NASA to conquer asteroids

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Kerbal Space Program will be getting a special update that features an assignment that mimics a real-life NASA mission to explore asteroids in our solar system. The Asteroid Redirect Mission, created in partnership with NASA, is broken into three stages based on this real project that began in 2013. Players will need to identify asteroid candidates, build a suitable manned (or Kerbaled) spacecraft to intercept and redirect the asteroid, and send the crew out to conduct experiments on the surface of the asteroid. I’m sure that getting the crew back safely is probably another step they just neglected to mention. The update adds new parts to help players accomplish the mission including super-large fuel tanks and a robotic grappling device to latch onto asteroids or other objects. Bob Jacobs, deputy associate administrator for Communications at NASA, explained the partnership with the game’s developer Squad.

“The collaboration with Kerbal Space Program can help drive interest by future explorers in next-generation technology development and deep space exploration. Having an element of the experience based in the reality of NASA’s exploration initiatives empower players to manage their own space program while getting valuable insight into the reality of studying asteroids as a next step in getting to Mars.”

Kerbal Space Program is available on Steam Early Access or the official site.