Not even Bioshock Infinite is safe from internet porn

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The relationship between coin-tossing sidekick Elizabeth and gun-happy protagonist Booker DeWitt in BioShock Infinite is one that has spurred players to wax poetic. She’s either one of the greatest supporting characters to grace a shooter, or another example of women being objectified in an industry that hasn’t matured beyond being a boy’s club. Much has also been written of the sultry, obviously more mature version of Elizabeth in Burial at Sea. Her role as the noire femme fatale of the DLC is sometimes an uncomfortable one thanks to the player’s knowledge of who she is in the base game. Heaven forbid Elizabeth be sexy! She’s a singing dancing Disney princess!

Maybe you’re not familiar with the hundreds of thousands of words already written by enthusiastic fans depicting Elizabeth and Booker (yuck!) in various not-safe-for-work couplings? They vary from the hopelessly romantic to the outright pornographic. (Note: Do not Google Image search for these pictures lest you lose your grip on sanity!) Now, infamous Flash porn game creator “Zone-sama” has brought Rule 34 to gamers itching to see Elizabeth in a more sexually active and interactive mode. Paste Magazine‘s Maddy Myers played the porn-parody and despite the icky premise, says it’s “surprisingly well-executed” for what it is. It’s not all badly lip-synced Poser models and anime sexuality. Elizabeth takes charge for much of the experience and voices are provided by repurposing the original sound files from the real game.

Additionally, the creator of the adults-only game offers a real-life lesson by way of example to gamers interested in working in the industry.

Zone’s porn parodies of the Skullgirls franchise were so good that they led to an actual job on the Skullgirls development team.

That’s some portfolio!