The line between Goat Simulator and Tony Hawk is not as long as you think

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Coffee Stain Studios has created a stir on YouTube with Goat Simulator. The work-in-progress was born as a lark to blow off steam after working on Sanctum 2. In Goat Simulator, the player takes on the role of a goat creating havoc with ridiculous physics. The goat can peacefully eat grass for 1 point per chomp, or the goat can ruin the farm for 1,000 points per incident of destruction. Knock over tractors! Head-butt barrels! Eat tools! According to an interview with Modern Farmer, Armin Ibrisagic said the game’s chaotic gameplay was inspired by skateboarding games like Tony Hawk.

Each act of mischief is “like a skateboard trick.”

Alas, there is no official release date for Goat Simulator, despite fans sending cakes to the studio.