You Must Build a Boat coming free for owners of 10000000

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10000000 is one of those games that burrows into your psyche. If you can imagine a matching game crossed with a roguelike, you’ve got the right idea. Just like the best roguelikes, 10000000 will make you question your previous performance. I could’ve! If only! Maybe next time! The only drawback to the game is that once you’ve reached 10000000 points, there’s no reason to keep playing it. Developer Luca Redwood wanted to give players a reason to come back, so he started work on a free addition, but that has grown beyond the confines of DLC.

You Must Build a Boat, the standalone sequel to 10000000, will be free to current owners of the original game. EightyEight Games explained in a blog post that You Must Build a Boat just became its own game through the development process.

I took a step back and realised I’d added and removed so much stuff. There wasn’t much that remained from 10000000. To get back on track I decided “OK, this is a new game, and this is the experience, and I’ll take it from there.” The game has become way way better for it.

Steam and Humble Bundle owners of 10000000 will automatically have You Must Build a Boat added to their accounts when the game launches. Saved data from 10000000 will unlock special bonuses in You Must Build a Boat.