Star Swarm is the space battle we’ve all dreamed about

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One of the big gaming technology updates people have been anticipating is something called Mantle from AMD. According to developers that have worked with the code, it’s the bee’s knees. More polywhatzits, smoother flashy bits, and nicer looking bang-zooms.

What’s the big deal for gamers? Star Swarm is the answer. Oxide Games showed off their Nitrous Engine demo back in December to demonstrate what they could do with Mantle for a strategy game. You know how you always wanted to see a space battle in a game the way you pictured it in your mind? Now, you can check it out for yourself through Steam. The dynamic real-time demo will calculate and render up to 10,000 spaceships battling amongst the stars – provided you have the right PC hardware and drivers.

Don’t fret spaceship haters! (Weirdos.) If you play Battlefield 4 on PC, you can check out the Mantle-powered update that came out today. I’m sure it didn’t come with new crash bugs or errors.