Payday 2 adds more grind with Infamy

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One of the complaints that some players of Payday 2 had was that at higher levels the game could get to be kind of a grind. There’s only so many times you can rob the same bank and vandalize the same mall before it all blurs into one monotonous crime spree. (Maybe the game was a meta-commentary on the supposed glamour of the criminal lifestyle?) Starbreeze added a few new heists since launch, but they didn’t do much to relieve the grind. Rather than try to fix the game for those that dislike it, how about catering to those that love it as it is?

The Infamy update for Payday 2 adds exactly what grind-addicted folks want. More levels! Better than that in fact! A chance to start all 100 levels over and unlock special Infamy levels! Just like the Prestige program in Call of Duty, players that max their criminals in Payday 2 can elect to go back to level 1 and grind their way through all the levels again. Players lose all their skill points and spending money, but they get to keep all their masks, guns, and equipment – although they may have to claw their way back to the appropriate level to use those items. Every time they max out, they can unlock another Infamy reward! Up to 14 times! Grind, grind, grind!

The Infamy update is free for all owners of Payday 2.