The multiplayer survival genre gets more crowded with Project Zomboid

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Project Zomboid, the isometric zombie survival RPG, is getting a multiplayer mode. The Indie Stone unveiled the new feature in an official blog post. The multiplayer mode will use perisistent player-run servers, and may even include split-screen play on the same PC at a later date. According to the developers, multiplayer is being added to increase sales.

However, since release, and particularly since our appearance on Steam, it’s become clearer and clearer not only that MP is of such massive demand, but that the lack of multiplayer has had a not insignificant effect on the ‘must-haveness’ of Zomboid to a large chunk of gamers out there, that would otherwise have dove in long ago.

The Indie Stone insists that the focus of Project Zomboid will still be singleplayer, and that work continues on adding non-player characters to the game. In fact, the developers hope that the singleplayer features will be compelling enough to entice players into leaving the AI-controlled characters enabled on multiplayer servers.

Project Zomboid is available on Steam Early Access, or Desura for $14.99.