Tim Schafer hopes you won’t break the embargo on Broken Age

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Broken Age, Double Fine’s successfully crowd-funded adventure game, should be rolling out its first episode to beta backers now. In the recent developer post, Double Fine tells backers that they should be receiving a link to a Humble Bundle key allowing them access to the highly anticipated release. While they enjoy the first episode, Double Fine will continue work on the planned second and final episode which will release later this year. People that didn’t back the game can buy the Season Pass on Steam which will let them access to Act 1 on January 28th.

Double Fine is asking all people with early access to the first episode, including the press and Kickstarter backers, to hold off on posting anything about their experience until the official January 28 release date. They’re also asking that people keep spoilers off the internet. Good luck with that.

The same time limit applies to the press as to backers; everyone is in the same boat! We’re trying to be as fair as possible given that backers will have access to the game before everyone else.

No waxing poetic about Elijah Wood’s voice performance in the game until everyone gets it!

Update: Double Fine sends word that they’ve withdrawn their request for an embargo. Go ahead and post your judgments!