Alien: Isolation had better have a cat to rescue

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Where do you go with the Aliens license after last year’s disasterous Aliens: Colonial Marines? Sega and Creative Assembly think you should go back to basics. Alien: Isolation puts the player into Ellen Ripley’s daughter’s shoes and sets her in gameplay more akin to Amnesia than Call of Duty. Amanda Ripley goes in search of her mother’s fate and ends up in a hide & seek game against a xenomorph with her life as the prize. Design lead Jon McKellan told Joystiq why they chose to make a more intimate game than previous Alien efforts.

“The original film: everyone loves it, we all loved it, we were all really big fans,” McKellan said. “It is a survival horror film, that’s what’s it is. It’s just crying out to be a survival horror game, and we couldn’t really understand why no-one had done it, [so] we took it with both hands.”

Alien: Isolation launches on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC in late 2014.