Your Daily McMaster: start the year off right

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Twitch gives people, anyone in fact, the opportunity to broadcast and ask for donations. A few streamers even make a decent living at it. When it comes to League of Legends streams, most of the higher level players get the lion’s share of the audience. But there are always a handful of people streaming for love of the game. One of these streams that has recently caught my attention. The Twitch user HanBlades is doing a 24 hour stream for Autism.

I’m Han and I’m 17 years old and diagnosed with autism. My grade of autism has been severely lowered due to constant aid and now I can live a normal life. But many of other people who are diagnosed won’t be able to live a normal life because either their kind of grade is so high that you can only permanently aid them, which costs a lot of money, or they’re untreatable. Even if they are untreatable you can still change their life with little things! And I want to be able to give them something so they can experience life at their fullest!

So this is my plan.

I’ve searched for a charity where I can donate to so I found this site called Autism Donations ( I’ve made a PayPal donation box which is found at my stream and at the end of the stream, I’ll show that I actually donate the money. I guess you can as well directly send the money to them but I would love to have an overview of how much money they’ll actually get and if you give your LoL username when you donate, I can invite for some games to play! So for the people who are wondering, I’m giving 100% to this charity. NOTHING will get in my pocket!

I’m going to play League of Legends of course but probably as well some other games that you can suggest! League will include Ranked Games, 5v5 teams and many more!

The event will start at 9AM GMT+1 at December, 31 2013.

For us Americans, that’s 3 AM Eastern. There are worse ways to ring in the new year. For instance, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.