Young people love Resident Evil burgers and Umbrella Corporation pantsuits

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Capcom says that the core fanbase of Resident Evil is aging. In a special feature on the venerable action-horror series for investors, Capcom revealed that the average age of the Resident Evil fan is trending into the 30’s and 40’s. The publisher says that the growing maturity of the audience could be an issue for the health of the series as players age out of the marketplace. Younger players need to courted in ways that appeal to them like fashion magazine articles and themed restaurants!

Therefore, we have created opportunities for receiving coverage in fashion magazines by collaborating with fashion brands which are popular among young people. We are also actively working on spreading name recognition among non-gamers through expansion in other industries, including the “Halloween Horror Night” event in alliance with Universal Studios Japan (USJ) and the opening of the “Resident Evil Cafe and Grill S.T.A.R.S.” (a “Resident Evil”-themed restaurant) in Shibuya PARCO, Tokyo. These collaborative events are opportunities to be enjoyed by non-gamers as well, so it is important to plan them so that anyone can enjoy them and not aim them at a section of our core gamers.

I remember a time when everyone wanted to play Mumbledypeg and Checkers. It’s all about the Jacks and Hopscotch now. Also, where is my M.U.L.E-themed hot dog stand?