Batter up with Shadow Warrior’s new survival mode

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Flying Wild Hog’s bloody reboot of Shadow Warrior has been updated with a free gameplay mode and a new alternate weapon skin has been added. Update 1.1.0 comes with a wave-based survival mode. Players will face off against hordes of enemies in the Cemetary, Old Town or Fortress arenas. As part of a crossover promotion with Interceptor Entertainment, Rise of the Triad’s Excalibat uber-weapon can now be used in Shadow Warrior, while Lo Wang can be used in Rise of the Triad’s multiplayer modes.

Previous cross-promotional additions to Shadow Warrior have included the ice axe from The Walking Dead, and the Penetrator weapon from Saints Row IV. Let me know when they add – You know what? Nevermind. Nothing is going to be better than the Penetrator.