Star Citizen executes an inside loop to target dogfighting

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Star Citizen, Chris Roberts’ return to spaceship combat, will not be releasing the long-anticipated dogfighting module this year as originally planned. The module has been pushed back “a couple of months” because the record breaking crowd-funding effort has resulted in a much larger project than anticipated. In an open communication to fans, Chris Roberts explained the delay.

I feel that the Dogfighting module, especially with Star Citizen’s greatly increased profile, needs to be more polished than a typical “alpha”. There are a lot of eyes on the game, and more than a few people wanting us to fail. Because Dogfighting is the first module that will involve significant gameplay, it has to be good – I don’t feel that we will get a pass just because it is pre-pre alpha.

Roberts promised to show off some of the dogfighting work-in-progress during a special livestream scheduled for 9:00 AM PST on Friday, December 20th. Star Citizen has raised over $34 million in funding so far.