You can now buy an Ouya with the currency of crazy

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Ouya is accepting Bitcoins as a method of payment to purchase the Android-powered console. Using a tweet, the company announced the official Ouya store now has the option of using Bitcoins along with more common methods of payment like credit cards and Paypal during the check out process. Purchase an Ouya without the interference of those dirty Illuminati run banks!

Bitcoins are the virtual currency that uses peer-to-peer computing to generate money that exists as magic, or something. Bitcoins have gotten a bit of an unsavory reputation thanks to market volatility, recent trading house robberies, and their frequent use by people conducting illegal activities. Because the virtual coins are difficult to trace, people trading in firearms and drugs have taken to using them in place of regular money. Bitcoins have also been criticized for being limited in usefulness and for being easy to steal because most banks do not recognize them as legitimate currency.

Now that I think of it, Bitcoins might be an Illuminati plot!